Constant Clients
The Constant Clients™ System helps you build a business you love with high-paying, low-maintenance weekday clients and a fulfilling personal life with weekends free to spend with your friends and family.
The Client Compass (Value $37)
Pricing Prestige (Value $37)
Consistent Income Roadmap (Value $37)
FOMO Photo Marketing (Value $37)
Transforming Time (Value $37)
Client Challenge Eliminator (Value $37)
BONUS: 30-Days of Content (Value $15)
BONUS: Marketing Idea Bank (Value $15)
BONUS: Revenue-Generating Idea Bank (Value $15
BONUS: Constant Clients Workbook (Value $15)
BONUS: Press Release Template (Value $15)
Total Value = ($297)
Regular Price = ($197)
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Dynamically Updated
Your 'Weekend Free' Guarantee
I'm so sure that Constant Clients has the power to revolutionize your photo biz that I am willing to take all the risk and put my money where my mouth is...
Implement the Triple Tactic and if not one person books a weekday shoot that's worth it, after 90 days I will insist on giving you your money back.
All you have to do is email your completed workbook, along with your feedback, to Stephanie at and I will send you a full refund.
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